R2 Training Plans

R2 Endurance Coaching offers affordable custom coaching plans for road, mountain bike, cyclocross and running.

All clients receive full support from our coaches including:

  • Initial in-depth review of current state of fitness, current training regimen
  • Analysis of  power files, heart rate data, training and racing narratives if available
  • Testing protocols
  • Establishment of training zones for power meter, heart rate, or perceived exertion
  • Establishment of seasonal and long-range endurance goals
  • Weekly training plans based on seasonal training plan, your current fitness and a schedule that fits YOU
  • Customized weight training program specific for each athlete
  • Race and event preparation including nutrition, race day strategy and analysis
  • Nutritional guidance, sample meal plans, timing of nutritional intake
  • Unlimited email interaction with your coach
  • Racing and tactical discussion/feedback

R2 Endurance Coaching exclusively uses TrainingPeaks to communicate schedules and feedback.

We offer a flat rate to all clients: $150/month.
Zero sign up fee. Zero termination fee. Month to month basis if you prefer.

Contact us at coach@r2endurancecoaching.com to get started. We are eager to work with you.



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