One Year In…

It’s hard to believe, but we started R2 Endurance just over a year ago. We both had been dabbling over the years coaching friends with the occasional request to help out a pal who wanted to Cat up or just get more fit. Both Robb and Rob really enjoyed all the aspects of coaching,  especially watching their friends grow and learn during the process. ‘The Robs’ had been talking about ‘doing this for real’ for quite some time and wanted to spice things up knowing that they could help athletes achieve their endurance goals without sacrificing their jobs and families…and so R2 Endurance was born!

It sounds a bit cliche but to be a good coach, you really do have to offer customized training plans for an athlete.  As a client to a few coaches ourselves, we were always frustrated with limited support for what we were paying.  Being told that we could only have 5 emails or 2 edits to a training plan per month was frustrating.  We were told that our monthly training plans couldn’t be altered. Plus, the prices were ridiculous.  That’s not the way coaching should be. Coaching should be an interactive experience between the athlete and coach. Yes, it’s a business for the coach but there should not be any levels based on how many emails or phone calls or power file analysis the athlete gets. In our eyes, a good coach treats every athlete with full respect and attention. At R2, we aim to exceed expectations set forth by the current coaching industry. We often find ourselves interacting with our clients almost daily, tweaking daily plans, offering advice and giving support.  Plus, our $100 baseline fee is pretty remarkable.

We’ve let R2 grow organically. No big marketing push. No frenzied sales pitch with the exception of a few posts on Twitter and Facebook.  It’s all been word of mouth or maybe people coming across this website and digging the vibe that we are throwing out there. Plus, as any small company, we want to be ready to handle what comes our way. We’ve been learning as we go a bit, never overwhelmed.

We recently sat down and reviewed our current roster of clients.  They are all happy. Why? Because they are seeing the results they have been craving. Whether it’s winning the state crit championship, a key mountain bike or cross race…or maybe just increasing their fitness to a point that they though was unattainable, our athletes are super happy.  The credit is not all ours.  We have some amazing and dedicated athletes who dedicate themselves. But the coolest thing for us is that they all seem to be enjoying the athlete, work, life balance that we talk about so much at R2 Endurance Coaching.

So what’s next? We hope to grow our client list, of course…but also dream of bigger things. We are hoping to host some camps in the near future (R2 style!) maybe create a grassroots team and maybe offer our own line of head scarfs and bar mitts for winter training (long story but it will happen!)  Thanks to our athletes who have given us a chance this year. We are stoked to be working with each one of you and look forward to bigger things as we continue to grow!


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