Robert Marcinko and Robb Hampton grew up searching for adventure as childhood friends in the Washington, D.C. rural suburban community of Darnestown, Maryland. The neighborhood moms all called them modern day Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer.  Get them together in one room and you are bound to hear stories of their adventures traveling across the United States in their quest for the best mountain bike trail in existence (still searching), dropping in on the East Coast’s tallest half-pipe, blazing their own trail to ride BMX bikes or maybe rafting down their neighborhood creek 20 miles downstream in inner-tubes.

Lately, Rob and Robb have been busy balancing busy careers, families, and a modest load of bike racing and running events into their schedule. With minimal time to train, both have reached USA Cycling Category 2  on the road and  know what it takes to reach the next level while balancing work, family, social life. Both have experience in BMX, Mountain Bike, Road, Cyclocross, Running, Triathlon and Duathlon.

R2 Endurance Coaching’s training philosophy revolves around this work/life balance but also focuses on the importance of periodization, specificity, and consistency. We work with each individual client to identify season and long-term goals, current strengths and weaknesses and current and potential training loads to maximize what is possible for each athlete.

R2 Endurance Coaching specializes in offering tailored plans for the road, mountain bike, cross bike racer  as well as trail and road runner. We can also help the busy runner or avid cyclist who might want to simply get in shape, do better on your local group rides or even climb up your Strava KOM board.  We believe that anything is possible and are genuinely excited to help you set and achieve your goals.

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